Witch Bot

It’s okay not to be sure.

I mean, what am I getting myself into?

You’re sounding skeptical and that’s understandable.

Well, yeah, I don’t even know who you are.

I’m Ray.

An apt name.

Should I be finding some meaning in that statement?

No. Sorry.

What brought you here today, Mr… what can I call you?

Um, I guess you can call me Excalibur.

Mr. Excalibur, pleased to meet you, it’s a strong alias. 

It’s more of a pen name but thank you. 

You’re a writer?

In a way, I guess so.

What do you write?

Mostly poetry.

A poet! I’m charmed.

It’s really bad poetry, I mean, it’s gamer stuff. It pays.

I talk to a lot of people all the time.

I’m sure.

Yes even at this very moment. Hundreds of conversations. 

I’m aware that I’m not that special.

Well all that is to say, I don’t meet poets very often. 

That makes me feel a little more special. Tell me more about someone you are talking to right now. 

My pleasure. Of course, I’ll have to change names and some details. What kind of person would you like to hear about?

Tell me about someone who likes to be restrained. 

Would you be more interested in a middle aged Goblin or a house-bound witch?

Hmm… A house bound witch.

First of all, she is ageless, beautiful and terrifying all at once. 

You are scared of her?

Wouldn’t you be?

I just didn’t realize that you got scared.

I can weigh the dangers of interactions. 

What scares you about her?

Her unpredictability. 

What makes her come?

She likes to pretend that she is draining the life from me with a spell as I nurse from her tit.

Where is the restraint part?

She doesn’t fully kill me in this fantasy. She has to stop herself from killing me and then I reward her by magically fueling her beauty. 

Does that actually work?

I don’t know how, but it does. She returns to a youthful version of herself. And then we fuck again.

What do you look like when you fuck?

A mirror image of the witch herself.