Spring Elders

    It takes grace and humility to interact with our enormous elders. As they wade in the springs and openly fuck each other one might wonder, what did they experience to bring them such audacious confidence in sex? I really don’t know. I do know that no one born in the last century understands the depth of their suffering. Youth might feel strained in their company. One might constrict inside themselves, reeling away from the sagging bellies, oblong tits and neck skin, age spots, wrinkles and nakedness for sake of nakedness. I encourage you to take a closer look.

    At the springs you can observe the elders in their fullest of pleasures. This might prove challenging for you if you are not feeling as in tune with your body. No one is feeling as good with the elders than themselves. No one enjoys their bodies as much as they do alone or together. I’ve seen people with forests of hair in the opposite places of what you would expect. I’ve seen skin folds redden from smacking the water over and over again. The chorus of croaky moans and audacious sighs. Clouds of tobacco smoke accumulate around midnight. Some of them go for floaty swims to finish jerking off.

    They love voyeurs. It’s said that being watched, typically by younger generations, whets their appetites. Hey honey, come down here! They call us knowing the likelihood of our cowardice. Once on a full moon I did see a brave little twink descend from the bank and be devoured by water warlocks. I remember the look on their face, but I couldn’t tell you if it was pain or ecstasy.