on the past decade

A few years after I graduated from art school I decided to halt my visual art practice in favor of writing. It's not that I don't like making drawings, paintings and prints. I just found it to be expensive and unmarketable. I kept thinking, I want to make this thing but absolutely no one will want to purchase it. So why am I spending all of my tips on oil paint? It was a toss-up. I commend artists who have found the balance. I was young and brash.

Even through trying to write my artist bio, I realized that writing is fucking hard. Its hard, its cheap and its compact. A notebook and a pen, a laptop, the internet, some stamps. I put down the paintbrush, sold all my shit, and moved my ass out of the country for a long journey. 

So you can see my old paintings and stuff, but what I've really been working towards is writing. I've had a bit of success in the past few years. My first script "Childhood Beauty" was produced at Trap Door and had a great run. I've had a few other plays produced, just tiny ones. My first short story to be published is in the press right now as a part of Make the Golf Course a Public Sex Forest. It's an upcoming anthology of smut, presale opens Dec 2022. 

I'm working towards my first chapbook of short stories, scripts and smut, so stay fucking tuned.

Coincidentally, I have taken up visual arts again. Lately I've been working in photography and collage. This is a double exposure that Anna and I made together on accident.